According to the latest Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 87% of employees are disengaged at work. That’s 1.24 billion people who lack motivation, are unhappy or unproductive in their jobs. Why must work be so miserable? What a waste of human potential and creativity!

Spireworks exists to make that better.

Through every project we deliver, every team we meet, every executive we advise and every customer we impact, we aim to re-engage, motivate and ignite the passion that lies just under the surface of your workforce.

We operate as a network of individuals and companies, with deep expertise and exceptional integrity. We are people-centric and value-driven - our purpose comes first, profit is always secondary.

Purpose: We want to make work better and our team rallies around this shared purpose.

Courage: We aspire to courageously say what is often unsaid. We believe conflict and criticism are the drivers of change.

Curiosity: We want to know how things work, how people think and how to make things better. We never stop learning.

Honesty: We believe that trust is built on transparency. We are honest about our failures, we seek to learn from them, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

Adaptability: We believe that the speed of change in this world is unprecedented and survival will depend on our ability to adapt and evolve.

Kindness: We count kindness and understanding as the key ingredients to adapting to change and achieving success in organisations and in life.

The story of Spireworks started decades ago in the heart of a disillusioned consultant. Lisa White spent many years working in a Big 4 firm, serving her clients according to the firm’s espoused values. But very quickly she saw the gap between what was written down and the behaviour of the firm’s people. While claiming integrity and responsibility, her superiors were likely to tell client’s “what they wanted to hear” to make a sale, and plead ignorance when the proverbial hit the fan. Women and ethnic minorities were repeatedly overlooked and paid less. Her colleagues revelled in her failures and responded to her successes with aggression bordering on abuse.

This dichotomy did not sit well with Lisa, and the longer she spent in the industry the sicker and weaker she became. After years of stress, weight loss, lack of sleep and unexplained illnesses, she resigned.

In 2014, the forerunner to Spireworks was founded, in Switzerland, alongside a cherished colleague. We started delivering technology change work, aligned with the principles of Agile, leveraging partner companies and ex-colleagues with similar values. Business boomed for a while. But as we encountered the highs and lows of the traditional consulting model, the cracks in our values showed, and the founding team shifted.

In 2016, the Spireworks business was founded in Ireland, re-inventing the team, branding and services. Our focus became teaching and delivering innovation to large corporate businesses and public sector organisations. A sputtering growth of work, slowly allowed us to consolidate our partner network and client connections, standardising our model for engagement and contracting.

It was in 2019 that we truly re-invented ourselves. We are now led by a small executive team in Ireland, working with colleagues across three continents, delivering change management, innovation and leadership development to major clients around the world. Our network comprises 250+ companies and individuals, providing access to upwards of 30’000 individual resources, each with a specific, deep skill.

Culturally, we are an aspiring Deliberately Developmental Organisation (DDO). A DDO is organized around the simple but radical conviction that organizations will best prosper when they are more deeply aligned with people's strongest motive - to grow.

Instead of spending time managing impressions, covering your weaknesses, and trying to look our best, we dedicate a huge amount of effort to creating a culture that identifies the strongest contributions and supports the development of everyone. The culture we create IS our strategy - and the key to our success is developing everyone.

The Spireworks story is far from over - this is just beginning.

Read our Guiding Principles to learn more about our culture.

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