Spireworks is Management
Consulting Reinvented

We turn unprecedented threats into practical opportunities.

Spireworks is a global network of 250+ consulting professionals, working together to support large corporate, nonprofit and public sector organizations with transformational change. The company was founded in 2014 in Switzerland, but quickly began serving a client base across Europe and the US. The headquarters of the company have since been moved to Ireland and we continue to serve many well-known national and international brands across Europe and the US.

Spireworks was founded on the belief that ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD BE BETTER. The services upon which consumers depend should be delivered more effectively, efficiently and offer opportunities for engagement. Work for employees should be purposeful, diverse and filled with learning. And businesses should be able to sustain financial performance into the future. We work with organizations with similar beliefs, striving to be better, for their customers, their employees and their shareholders.

Everything we do is incremental. Gone are the days when we can plan change initiatives for the next five years. Innovation is not just about execution, but how you execute and learn. We believe that unprecedented change demands adaptability, self-determination, mutuality, techno-positivity and an openness to learning from failure. Our approach is always incremental - testing ideas with real users before sinking time and money into a new initiative.

Unprecedented digital, societal and economic change is destabilizing even the strongest organizational structures. Protecting your future in these uncertain times requires an alternative advisory model, one driven by purpose and delivered through incremental change. Protecting your future requires a partner like Spireworks.

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