Embrace The Tech

In the future, every company will be a tech company

Tomorrow’s successful organizations must account for massive and frequent digital change.  Having outsourced much of IT operations and development in the past, copious brands have been stripped of the technology skills and passion required to innovate and adapt. With the support of large consulting teams, many organizations have toyed with service personalization using “big data” and have fallen into the bottomless pit of data management. Others still have spent millions on their foray into digital transformation, chatbots or blockchain. You don’t need to be a technology company, but you are competing with them for customers. Your data, your architecture, and your security need a degree of adaptability that they didn’t in the past. The trick will be not to adapt to today’s fad, but to build systems that allows you to adapt to any technological revolution.

Spireworks helps clients to re-architect their enterprises for a technology driven world, rebuilding their skills and passion for technology and innovation in support of their primary business objectives. But our methods, unlike our competitors are iterative and adaptive. We apply methods like Agile, Lean Startup and Sprint to large enterprise-wide issues rather than simple projects, finding ways for our clients to unleash value and competitive edge incrementally, and enhancing plans as they progress. This is true whether we’re building a single customer view using NoSQL for a healthcare provider, or whether we’re hiring a brand new IT team for a traditional insurer. Our clients realize that their core business can only survive if they embrace disruptive technology and adaptability.

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