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Survival depends on your ability to adapt

“Innovation” is the buzzword of the decade. Ubiquitous, mysterious, ethereal; it means everything and at once has lost all meaning.

But everyone knows they need to innovate. The world is changing so damn fast! Technology, politics, society all look nothing like they did just 10 years ago. Jack Welch, the revolutionary CEO (who drove the value of General Electric up 4000%!), put it perfectly when he said that, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

The question is how can you innovate? How can an organisation embrace change and the inevitable dissent from accepted wisdom, without destroying themselves?

The market is filled with consultants selling innovation. Multinational and boutique alike will hawk incubators, labs, hackathons and Agile transformations, but fall back on the old, siloed, hierarchical, command and control systems when the going gets tough. Why seek out an advisor, who cannot apply his own advice? The organisations themselves depend upon systems that quash dissent, and focus power and control at the top. This is not innovative.

A network is innovative. Our network bucks the trend of groupthink so prevalent in the cookie cutter world of consulting. We have led innovation internal to organisations like yours. We have been the corporate leader, the enterprise architect, software developer or line manager who truly catalysed change; the intrapreneur who burned herself applying the “theories” of innovation in the real world. We’ve learned how to pragmatically, cost-effectively and sustainably put these theories to good use. We’ve made the mistakes.

And the network means our expertise is exponential. Ideas spread like wildfire, and are repeatedly challenged, tested and refined, leaving only the best, the methods and practices that really work, to bubble to the surface. We are ourselves an innovative enterprise. We know how to make yours one too.

Spireworks teams intervene at all stages of the innovation journey, whether to inspire, educate or execute. Our network is both broad and deep. Our teams bring together the contrasting skills, styles and personalities that you need to catalyse change. Our network is lean, meaning you pay nominal pricing compared to our competitors. And our network is developmental. Our systems put people, their contributions and growth at the centre, so we are all engaged and constantly improving. We embed these practices in your team, catalysing the systems and behaviours that will spark innovation right where it counts - with your people, because the most impactful innovation happens where the rubber meets the road, where employees on the front lines are grappling with challenges. We’ll make them your innovation incubators.

We usually kickstart our innovation journeys with a combination of the following:

Innovation Workshops, to inspire participants to change. We walkthrough the culture, process and technology you need to innovate and disrupt. Our workshops run from 90 minutes to 4 hours, and incorporate thought leaders, speaking on topics such as digital disruption, extreme customer centricity and organizational innovation, improv-inspired interactivity and a focus on the psychology of change. We introduce you to the discomfort of innovation.

Disruption Tours, to immerse participants in innovative environments. We’ll take you on a trip through radical pioneers like Google, SpaceX, or Airbnb, and agile start-ups in vibrant innovation hubs. In one, two or three day tours we’ll let you experience innovation from the front-row.

SPRINTs, to experiment with solving a real problem. Using a smart application of the SPRINT method from Google Ventures, we help you to shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Tackling a major problem or project, we will drive you to define, prototype and test a solution in just five days. You will emerge with the answer to your problem, and the data to prove it works.

Digital Ambition Workshop, because we still need to strategise. In the age of ubiquitous digital services that are streamlined and personalized, and forever changing, we can help you to build an adaptive digital strategy, defining your ambitions, pointing the ship in the right direction, and gathering the tools to adapt to the unpredictable weather. In a single day, with senior executives, we will drive you to define your digital “north star” and devise your roadmap to get there.

Delivery Reboot, to re-energise a failing delivery or a broken project. Forget Agile transformation, which could take months, even years to take effect. We’ll “reboot” your delivery model. In just 5 weeks, we apply the best bits of agile to your project, driving transformational upticks in delivery speed, customer and employee satisfaction.

And these are just our starter services! Sustaining innovation, surviving the storms and heatwaves of today’s market, requires the execution of serious transformation, of your technology, your processes, and your culture.

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