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Strategy is dead; long live purpose!

According to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. Engagement, in this context means emotional involvement or commitment to a purpose. That leaves just 15% of your workforce committed to your organization! And this number dips to 10% if you consider only the developed nations of Western Europe. Would you hire a dis-engaged employee? How do you reward a dis-engaged worker? How should they be incentivised? Is this the way you want to run your business?


Spireworks supports brands, large and small, with this challenge, identifying an organization’s purpose beyond money-making, and helping our clients to foster the culture and environment necessary for workers to emotionally commit to that purpose.


Spireworks is a multi-disciplinary network, capable of providing a broad range of solution teams, from those focused on employee engagement, to those designing digital platforms for future-proofing service provision. We do not have a specific agenda or off-the-shelf program to promote, so our response is always tailored to effectively and efficiently address a client’s specific needs. Whether coaching leaders, enhancing team collaboration or hiring (and retaining) a raft of new talent, our teams orchestrate the multi-functional skills necessary to iteratively and efficiently resolve your challenges.

In the case study below and by focussing on purpose, we delivered an 18 month transformation for a major US insurer, accelerating the pace of change and achieving a dramatic 70 point NPS (net promoter score) gain in spite of a 30% reduction in annual operating cost.

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