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Meeting the digital expectations of your customers requires constant adaptation

Businesses in every industry now compete with disruptive, digital players. The likes of Amazon and Google have established the baseline expectations for customer interactions - slick, fast and personalised, no matter the channel.

Organisations who wish to survive must learn to innovate, diversify and adapt to these expectations, while new technologies rapidly bubble up and burst onto the market. To succeed, you must be where your customers are, and they are constantly moving.

Spireworks specialises in integrating new technology with old. Instead of investing huge sums to replace outdated systems or move data wholesale, while never really connecting your digital frontend to the messy and homogenous backend, we work to incrementally integrate the two worlds, establishing a true two-speed IT organisation. In 4-6 week increments, we can deliver digital transformation or systems integration, while embedding the culture and skills you need to juggle both fast and slow IT, leading-edge and legacy.

Our people have worked to implement cutting edge solutions leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence and unstructured, big data. But we don't think technology is complex. With the right skills, you can implement any solution, integrate any system and develop any new functionality. But success is much less about writing the code, and much more about winning over the hearts and minds of your customers and your people.

Taking advantage of digital is NOT about implementing the technology - it’s about understanding the culture of your customers and your teams, and fostering collaboration, engagement and trust.

We can and will build your technology solutions FOR you, but we would much rather work WITH you to get you ready to face a never-ending wave of technical challenges. Given our network comprises 250+ companies and individuals, so over 30’000 individual experts, we can tap into a pretty wide area of technical skills. So whether you have issues with your customer data, or your expensive infrastructure, you want to digitally innovate or transform, or you’re looking to dabble in artificial intelligence, blockchain or the Internet of Things, we can put together a team who can help, affordably, efficiently and effectively.

Our technologists typically work alongside leaders and organisational psychologists who will usher your team through the learning they need to navigate the perpetual technological change that lies ahead for you and your business.

Here’s how.


At Spireworks we advocate an incremental approach to specification and delivery of risky or innovative technology solutions. Traditional, sequential project delivery attempts to predict the unpredictable and can prove brittle in the face of changing priorities, incorrect assumptions or simply the unexpected. By contrast, our iterative approach, in which we rapidly prototype and test with customers, essentially learning by doing, allows us to navigate the unexpected, delivering regular incremental output, for constant stakeholder and customer engagement.

Engage: Our first step is always to identify and engage with appropriate stakeholders. This certainly includes senior sponsors, IT delivery teams and customer facing representatives, but it should also include customers themselves.

Analyze: A diagnostic is not a solution, but it is necessary to develop a solution. We work with your stakeholders to analyze your technology landscape, your culture and your previous project successes and failures. We also attempt to get into the heads of your customers. In so doing, we define a specific problem to solve, or a particular feature to build and test through the rest of our iteration.

Prototype: Here’s where the magic happens. By bringing a delivery team together, applying the principles (not the dogma) of Agile, Scrum and Lean Startup, we build a prototype solution to the chosen problem. Sometimes this is a Software-as-a-Service solution, sometimes a manually supported process, or even a tabletop prototype, but it will demonstrate a solution for testing with actual customers, without the need for integrating with your systems, data or organisational processes.

Measure: Prototyping is valuable because it allows early testing with customers. This is what happens in the Measure phase - we ask customers to test the prototype. Sometimes this will be a full multivariate test, sometimes just a trial run with a sample of customers. The key is to collect intelligence regarding how customers react and respond.

Plan: Each of our iterations ends with a plan for the next iteration of work, built with project stakeholders, incorporating the learning from this iteration about the prototype and the iterative process itself. Each client is different - we will leave you with an agile process that works specifically for you.

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