Lisa White

Lisa is the founder of Spireworks. At once a Technologist, Transformation Manager, Consultant, Innovator, Program Manager, Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Team Leader and Follower, Security Specialist, Privacy Guru, Corporate Stooge, Cultural Sponge, Talker. Lisa's background in computer science and information security allow her to make technology work in complex, competitive and rapidly-changing organisational environments. But she has spent her career tackling the people and culture-centric issues that challenge most digital change.

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Ross Ward

Project Portfolio Lead

The target-driven people and project leader at Spireworks and a member of the Spireworks Executive Team, leading our commercial strategy

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Ciara Ward

Head of Culture

Our resident adventurer, and a member of the Executive Team, guiding us on our journey to become a deliberately developmental organisation, focused on the growth and development of people.

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We are a network of expertise rallying around a shared purpose to make work better through culture. We have a small core team who drive operations and animate a vast network of 250+ partners. Our partners are individuals and small to mid-tier companies who share our ideals, and they give us access to upwards of 30’000 individual experts who can serve your business.

Caroline White

Chief Financial Officer

Caroline is our money maestro, and a member of the Executive Team. With more than 25 years of experience in business administration, Caroline brings a refreshingly direct and pragmatic temperament to the team.

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Martin Leitner

Martin knows Spireworks both as a customer and a partner. He is passionate about customer experience, work culture, and embracing purposeful missions; Martin builds and inspires tech teams, leads turnarounds, drives intrapreneurship. For over 20 years he has been delivering for organizations, large and small, across North America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

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Chaim Rochester

Chaim is an executive coach, change strategy consultant and culture geek. Chaim dreams of a world driven by values-based leadership and the power of cultural innovation. He is working to realise a world where people come together around common goals and navigate conflict and diversity to produce groundbreaking results. A world where culture isn't a buzzword and change isn't a series of poorly managed catastrophes, but where both are crucial components of success driven by strategy.

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Kosala Kumara

Kosala is an exceptional and accomplished designer. She supports various organizations, including Spireworks, with advertising, branding and communication. A truly international profile, Kosala prides herself in her cultural dexterity and adroitness.

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Pete Townsend

Pete is a dynamic leader, team builder, relationship cultivator and innovative problem solver with a strong foundation in the disciplines of finance, technology, legal and regulation and investor relations. Across a 22-year career in asset management, asset servicing and advisory, Pete has become an expert at product development, operations management and leading change within large teams.

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Ben Fuchs

Ben is a psychologist and organisational development consultant specialising in leadership development and culture change. He works extensively with organizations in the public sector, healthcare, retail and financial services. A dual national (US/UK), he enjoys working with cultural diversity and the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly connected and complex world.

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Waltraud Sedounik

Val is a transformation and leadership specialist, working with organisations that are facing disruptive digital change and innovation challenges. Her mission is to co-create and deliver customised, innovative and future-focused solutions that transform the leadership, organisation and workforce. She relishes her role as a trusted advisor and thought partner for business leaders, providing strategic leadership in designing and delivering both small- and large-scale change initiatives.

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Matthew White

Matthew is the digital media guru in resident at Spireworks, orchestrating our online presence, social media and digital interaction with the Spireworks community of partners.

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